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Sexy Anthro Art
United States
WARNING: Some images within this club may contain nudity and/or suggestive themes.

Greetings! This is a club for creators and artists of sexy anthro characters.

For those who don't know, anthro characters are characters who are animals (such as cats, dogs, bunnies, etc.), but they have human-like bodies.

This club is for sharing this artform.

If you have SEXY anthro artwork you would like to share, then this is the club for you! Now, "sexy" doesn't have to include nudity, but be warned, some of the images here may contain such material.

To submit a work, do the following:

1.) Make sure you are a watcher of this group! Submissions by people who aren't watchers of this group will be ignored and deleted.

2.) Send a note to SexyAnthroArt and include the title of your work(s) and a link to your image(s).

3.) Wait for it to appear on SexyAnthroArt! Please be patient, though. I am only online once or twice per week, so your work may not appear here immediately. I will, however, add works in the order I receive them. If time allows, I will send you a quick note when I add your work.

If you have any questions or concerns, send me a note!






Once enough members have joined and submitted art, I would like to do an "Anthro Artist of the Month" article.

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Hello! As you may have noticed, I am new to DA, but I am starting to gain some interest from other artists like me. Near the end of June until July 25, I will be away from my home and away from an easy access to you. However, I am in a reeeeaaalllly good mood, so I am going to make anything you request of me and will make it between now and July 25. On the 26th, I will upload whichever requests I got during or after my month long vacation. ttyl!
I do Sonic Anthro, can I join?
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WOW! Pretty gallery... No comment needed, i like it!
I cant draw but can I join please? I am well aware f the fact it will be crawling with wolves and will have VERY few bears (needs more. as a matter of fact needs to have more of them then wolves.)
Zomg, I'd love to join. X3

I have a couple -sexy- pieces... ^^ *snickers*
nice gallery :w00t:
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